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About Us

About Us

The establishment was started in the year 1985 by group of people having through technical background in theory & practical. The main product of manufacturing was IBR BOILER, NON IBR BOILER, IBR PIPE LINE, Coil for steam boiler & thermic fluid heater, reaction vessel etc.

The activities were then executed to manufacturing of boiler spares parts likes economizer, optimizer, flame cone, burner assembly, water softener systems, oil piping & related accessories, ducting & chimneys.

We have the team of experience supervisor, fabricator related personal for carry give out the manufacturing activities for equipment and standard design & custom built design. Inspection are carried out every stage of manufacturing and final testing of equipment at our works or at site as desired by Client. We have full flange manufacturing facilities at atgaon industrial complex at shahpur.

The company has now additional experience & facilities in manufacturing of package steam boiler, hot oil boiler, hot water boiler, hot air boiler, chemical process plant equipment like reactor, heat exchanger scrubbing system etc.


Manufacturing facilities available :-
Tube bending machine smallest pipe to 2 ½” three start Dia 100mm to 2000mm
Welding reactor & transformer
Pipe bending machine
Lethe machine
Drilling machine
Over head Crain
Hydraulic testing unit
Machining in house & out sourced
Dishing – outsourced
Radiography & NDT testing- outsourced


Product of manufactured :-
IBR Boiler
Non IBR Boiler
Thermic Fluid Heater
Hot Water Boiler
Water Treatment System
Valcanizer For Rubber Industries
Heat Exchanger